Gold Loyalty Programme

Gold Loyalty Programme

Reach for Gold

The Gold (VIP) Rewards Program is designed to reward our most loyal customers. 

We recognize that you can choose from a variety of places but you choose to stay with Costa. 

We want to give back and reward you for being loyal to us. 

Because we consider you very special, amongst the elite few, we want you to enjoy several benefits beyond those of the regular loyalty card. 

Keep the Gold

It’s up to you!  Once you’re in we want you to stay in.  You owe it to yourself to receive the VIP first class benefits each year.  This is why we will do our best to make sure you stay in the club.  We make it as easy and straight forward as possible:  you must collect at least 3,750 points over the next year to remain a gold member.  And because we want you to stay in the club we will monitor this and alert you if you’re at risk of losing your gold status!